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Why Your Staff Need Fire Safety Training:

All businesses that employ 5 or more employees are required by law (Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005) to provide adequate fire safety and first aid training for their staff.

The actions of staff if there is a fire are likely to be crucial to their safety and that of other people in the premises

All staff should receive basic fire safety induction training and attend refresher sessions at pre-determined intervals.

The training should take account of the findings of the fire risk assessment and be easily understood by all those attending. It should include the role that those members of staff will be expected to carry out if a fire occurs.

This may vary in large premises, with some staff being appointed as fire wardens or being given some other particular role for which additional training will be required.

As a minimum all staff should receive training about:

  • The items listed in your emergency plan.
  • The importance of fire doors, emergency lighting, signs and other basic fire prevention measures.
  • Where relevant, firefighting equipment, and how to use it.
  • The appropriate actions on hearing the fire alarm.
  • What to do if they discover a fire.
  • The importance of reporting to the assembly area.
  • Exit routes and the operation of exit devices, including physically walking these routes.
  • The common causes of fire and how to prevent a fire in the workplace.
  • General matters such as permitted smoking areas or restrictions on cooking other than in designated areas.

When Training is necessary:

  • When staff start employment or are transferred into the premises.
  • When changes have been made to the emergency plan and the preventive and protective measures.
  • Where working practices and processes or people’s responsibilities change.
  • To take account of any changed risks to the safety of staff or other relevant persons.
  • To ensure that staff know what they have to do to safeguard themselves and others on the premises.

Care Home Staff Fire Safety TrainingIn situations where persons of poor mobility are to be physically moved by staff, you must ensure that the staff have received the appropriate training to do so.

If evacuation aids or equipment is provided for this purpose, staff should be trained to deploy and utilise them as quickly and efficiently, and with as little distress as possible.

Training should be repeated as often as necessary (at least every 12 months) and should take place during the working hours of individual staff members.

Whatever training you decide is necessary to support your fire safety strategy and emergency plan, it should be verifiable.

Enforcing authorities may want to examine records as evidence that adequate training has been provided by a competent person.

Why PRT-Training?

Are you’re staff bored with watching the same fire safety presentation over and over again?

Then perhaps it’s time for a change..

It is important to provide your staff with interesting and interactive training, whilst also being enjoyable.

PRT-Training was set-up to provide professional, affordable and enjoyable training courses for local businesses and organisations in meeting their legal responsibilities under current Fire Safety and First Aid legislation.

Our mission is to ensure your staff has the confidence and necessary skills in order to deal with a fire related incident at the workplace.

All training can be held at a venue of your choice and times to suit you.

Each course can be tailored and adapted to meet the needs of your workplace or job.

We have been delivering fire safety courses since 2008 with a near 100% satisfaction from feedback forms.

Our Guarantee

If your staff do not enjoy, or feel they have not benefited from our fire safety training, then the training is FREE!

Areas We Cover

PRT-Training East Midlands

We offer competitive prices for fire safety training and first aid training in the following areas: Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and most of the East Midlands.

We have a wealth of experience training staff from a variety of sectors and businesses.

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