Fire Extinguisher Training

Ensuring your staff are fully trained in the event of a fire is the best way to ensure their protection and safety and other occupants within the premises.

Our Fire Extinguisher Course is aimed at any person who is expected to respond to a fire alarm or may actually be confronted by a real fire.

Course aims and Objectives

  • Have an understanding of the ‘fire triangle‘ and the different classes of fires
  • What extinguishers are available in the workplace, including their advantages and disadvantages
  • Which extinguishers are used to fight the various classes of fire
  • Be able to correctly and safely select and use a fire extinguisher – PASS Method
  • When and how to use a fire blanket
  • Conduct basic checks
  • Be able to correctly and safely operate a fire extinguisher in a live fire scenario

Course Content

Theory Session

  • The Principles of Combustion – Triangle of Fire
  • Methods of Extinction
  • Classes of Fire
  • Fire Extinguisher Types & Colour Coding
  • Fire Extinguisher Capabilities & Limitations
  • How to Operate a Fire Extinguisher
  • How to Correctly use a Fire Blanket

Practical Session

  • Operating Fire Extinguishers on Live Fires
  • Use of Fire Blanket on Live Fires

Duration Of Course:

  • 1 hour 15 mins

Who Is The Course For?

This course is for everyone within the workplace.

If you are an employer, business owner, or in control of premises, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that you ‘must ensure that your employees are provided with adequate fire safety training.

If your fire risk assessment has highlighted the need for fire extinguishers in the workplace, staff must be trained by a competent person in order to operate them.

Where Can I Attend The Course?

The course is run at your place of work or can be arranged locally for you.

Course Requirements

The theory session takes place in a meeting room, training room, or lounge (such as care homes).

The practical session takes place in a suitable outside area (approximately 3 car parking spaces) away from cars and buildings.

PRT-Training will bring all appropriate training equipment (including fire extinguishers).


£295 per course (This is the cost of the course, not per individual) – no vat to pay.

There is a 10% discount for 2 courses run back-to-back.


  • Hands-on use of fire extinguishers
  • Course notes provided online
  • Certificate of attendance for each delegate
  • High-quality training by serving Fire Service personnel, giving you the best training possible for your staff

Number of Attendees

You can book up to a maximum of 15 delegates on this course.

How To Book

To book this course, or for more information..

Call PETER on: 07921906519


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