Fire Risk Assessment

If you are the ‘responsible person’ and you or your organisation employ five or more people, you must carry out a Fire Risk Assessment and record any significant findings.

The assessment must be reviewed annually and you should make any necessary changes as advised in the assessment.

How long will it take?

Our assessor will attend your site and speak with the client (usually the responsible person) for about 30 minutes; ideally someone will escort them round the site for the assessment.

The assessment can take up to half a day to complete.

The assessor will then brief the client on any major and urgent issues to be addressed, all of which will be documented in the report. Your report will normally be with you within 5 working days.


The cost of completing an assessment varies from business to business and will usually depend on the size of the building and number of staff employed.

An example of our costs would be:

Approx £250 for a small office or shop, and approx £360 for a medium size care home.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a fire risk assessment for your premises, please contact us:


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